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Firecheck fuel tanks are more than just a way to store fuel. They offer the first line of defence should a fire break out. With fully bunded tanks and overspill capabilities, our firecheck tanks will provide essential protection for your property and your family in case of a fire.
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We operate throughout Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire.

Put safety first with our range of firecheck tanks in Southern England

When dealing with fuel in any quantity, there is always the real and present danger of an outbreak of fire. With the great range of quality made firecheck tanks from BGP Oil Tanks you can decrease the risks posed by accidental fires and increase the safety of your home or place of work. Our firecheck tanks are resilient from 30 up to 60 minutes and provide state-of-the-art protection should a fire break out. BGP Oil Tanks is based in Dorset and services domestic and commercial clients throughout Southern England, including in Somerset, Devon, Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire.
1000 EHFC
Brimful 1080 litres
Nominal 1026 litres
Length 2100mm
Width 780mm
Height 2560mm
Footprint 3090 x
Weight 560kgs
30 minute - £ 2177.55 plus VAT
60 minute – £2477.55 plus VAT
1225 EHFC
Brimful 1270 litres
Nominal 1206 litres
Length 2160mm
Width 960mm
Height 1820mm
Footprint 2160mm x
Weight 605kgs
30 minute - £ 2236.95 plus VAT
60 minute – £ 2536.95 plus VAT
1250 ELPFC
Brimful 1330 litres
Nominal 1206 litres
Length 2070mm
Width 1510mm
Height 1250mm
Footprint 2070mm x
Weight 760kgs
30 minute - £ 2331.45 plus VAT
60 minute – £2631.45 plus VAT
1300 EHFC
Brimful 1400 litres
Nominal 1330 litres
Length 1930mm
Width 1400mm
Height 1620mm
Footprint 1930mm x
Weight 710kgs
30 minute - £ 2461.05 plus VAT
60 minute – £2761.05 plus VAT
1800 EHFC
Brimful 1910 litres
Nominal 1814 litres
Length 2170mm
Width 1425mm
Height 1720mm
Footprint 2170mm x
Weight 770kgs
30 minute - £ 2681.10 plus VAT
60 minute – £2681.10 plus VAT
12500 EHFC
Brimful 2625 litres
Nominal 2493 litres
Length 2330mm
Width 1630mm
Height 1820mm
Footprint 2330mm x
Weight 870kgs
30 minute - £ 3022.65 plus VAT
60 minute – £3322.65 plus VAT
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30 minute and 60 minute models available

BGP Oil Tanks stocks both 30 minute and 60 minute firecheck fuel tanks in varying capacities. Our tanks are lined with sturdy fire resistant material and equipped with the very latest fire retardant technologies.
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We supply and install 

All firecheck tanks are supplied and installed by our own expert team. We never use third party contractors so you can be sure you will always receive the highest quality workmanship.
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Emergency call outs 

If the worst happens, our expert engineers can be there to help you when you need us most! BGP Oil Tanks offers a reliable, fast and professional emergency call out service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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For an extra layer of protection in the case of fire, speak to our experts about our great range of firecheck fuel tanks. Call us today on 01963 363 870.
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